Stella Gibson
TF303 1504
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Residence Belfast, London (formely)
Family Information
Romances affairs and flirts: Jim Burns, James Olson, Tom Anderson, Dr. Reed Smith, Glenn Martin
Professional Information
Profession Detective Superintendent
Workplace Metropolitan Police officer assigned to the PSNI
Character Information
First Appearance Dark Descent
Last Appearance In Summation
Seasons Season One, Season Two
Episode Count Eleven
Portrayed By Gillian Anderson

Stella Gibson is the main character of the BBC tv show The Fall. She is portrayed by the American actress Gillian Anderson.

Early life

According to Paul Spector Stella Gibson nurtures an Electra complex towards her father so much that she often dreams and annotates the details in her dream journal. She has several degrees, including one in anthropology. At some point in her career she had a relationship with Jim Burns.


Stella is a strong woman and dominant character that gets her way in a male-dominated world.

She's bisexual and has sexual relations with anyone who arouses her interest, both physical and intellectual. This usually scares the men with whom she comes in contact, as pointed out to Detective Birk after Olson's murder.

Her boundless culture and skills in studying the human psyche make her extremely fascinating but also frightening.

Physical Appearance

Gibson is a good-looking woman in her thirties, with blonde and wavy hair that fall on her shoulders. She has green eyes that can literally look through people and notice details which escape to normal people. Stella has a lean physique and nimble due to the long hours she dedicated to swimming.

Throughout The Fall series

Season One

Season Two

Season Three


Paul Spector

Jim Burns

Reed Smith

James Olson

Tom Anderson

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