Jim Burns
Character-j lynch-big
Some attributes
Occupation Assistant Chief Constable
Gender Male
Status Alive
Portrayed by John Lynch

Jim Burns is a main character of The Fall and ACC (Assistant chief constable) of the Police Independent Department and Stella Gibson's supervising officer. He's portrayed by the actor and novelist from Northern Ireland John Lynch.

Early life Edit

Very little is known about his life, except that in the past has had an affair with Stella Gibson and that he was willing to leave his wife. He attended A.A. and didn't drink alcohol for several years until he got drunk during investigations.

Personality Edit

He is a devout Christian man who often collides with the open-minded Stella. During the investigations is called "weak" by Eastwood and this upsets him greatly, as he too thinks he is a weak. Jim is sexually attracted to Stella so much to try to possess her by force but then attributed his actions to alcohol.

Physical Appearance Edit

Jim is a man on the threshold of fifty years. Salt and pepper hair, bushy gray beard that covers his face and an athletic build who has enfeebled with age advanced. He has small eyes blacks that give him the look of a beaten dog.

Throughout The Fall series Edit

Season One Edit

Season Two Edit

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